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Revolutionary Non-Invasive Knee Pain Therapy

Safe and effective mechanical traction isolates the knee and decreases your pain by:

  • Allowing re-hydration
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Speeding up the healing process
  • Increasing range of motion

Could you or a loved one benefit from Knee on Trac therapy?

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Don't just "manage" your pain.

Eliminate it.

At Allied Health Systems, we know what it’s like to suffer from constant, crippling pain. We treat chronic, difficult, and unusual cases through a holistic approach, so you can get back to thriving and doing what you love.

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Spend more time enjoying life!

Don’t be limited by your pain. At Allied Health Systems, we provide non-invasive, natural pain relief treatments so you can get back to thriving and doing what you love. Our therapies have successfully treated:

And many other conditions!

Our Survive and Thrive Plan:

1. Schedule an appointment

Either call our office or easily schedule your appointment online.​

2. Meet with us

Sit one-on-one with ​our staff and receive a non-invasive evaluation.

3. Start your treatment

Our doctors will customize a treatment plan to eliminate your pain.

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We Love To See Our Patients Thriving

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Dr. Consales immediately knew which areas needed treatment. I felt less pain after I left and I was sorry I put off coming in. Dr. Consales listens and is very personable. If you're in pain I truly recommend that you call and make an appointment.
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Dr. Consales has shown me through nutrition and through his program how much better you can feel [...] In the beginning I was a little bit skeptical, but I can tell you I would recommend this to anybody.
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In today’s world of hype and empty promises, it is refreshing to find a practice that exceeds expectations. what most amazes me is that I was able to stop taking prescription drugs that were not only not fixing the problem, but were adding to it!

Love Life Again!

At AHS, we know what it’s like to live with crippling pain. We provide natural, noninvasive treatments so you can go back to enjoying life.

Before your first visit, you can fill out your new patient paperwork at home. Just click the button below to download the forms you’ll need, and remember to bring them with you to your first appointment.